Mole Removal

We remove moles within our clinic, and occasionally during your initial consultation.


Mole removal is a simple procedure that can be conducted by a physician at our clinic. You can have a mole removal for cosmetic reasons, but it can sometimes be necessary to remove a mole because there is a risk of skin cancer. Moles are darker spots that can appear anywhere on the body and can be raised or flat. They are made from small aggregates of melanocytes - the cells that provide the pigment in ones skin. Sometimes moles are present at birth, but usually they develop in childhood. Genetics can play an important role in the likelihood of an individual developing moles. Sun exposure is also a causal factor.


If you are feeling self-conscious or a raised mole is causing problems by getting caught on your clothing, it might be worth considering a removal. Mole removal can also be required for medical reasons. If you have noticed changes in the size, shape, colour or appearance of a mole, it is a good idea to see a dermatologist. The doctor can assess the risk of skin cancer and perform a removal if necessary.


From: £50